Using Thrift with PHP

Thrift requires PHP 7.1 Thrift makes as few assumptions about your PHP environment as possible while trying to make some more advanced PHP features (i.e. APCu cacheing using asbolute path URLs) as simple as possible.

To use Thrift in your PHP codebase, take the following steps:

  1. Copy all of thrift/lib/php/lib into your PHP codebase
  2. Configure Symfony Autoloader (or whatever you usually use)

After that, you have to manually include the Thrift package created by the compiler:

require_once 'packages/Service/Service.php'; require_once 'packages/Service/Types.php';



This built-in signals whether your architecture is 32 or 64 bit and is
used by the TBinaryProtocol to properly use pack() and unpack() to
serialize data.

apcu_fetch(), apcu_store()

APCu cache is used by the TSocketPool class. If you do not have APCu installed,
Thrift will fill in null stub function definitions.

Breaking Changes


  1. PSR-4 loader is now the default. If you want to use class maps instead, use -gen php:classmap.

  2. If using PSR-4, use $thriftClassLoader->registerNamespace('namespace', '<path>') instead of $thriftClassLoader->registerDefinition('namespace', '<path>').